Engraving Faqs

How do you style the engraving?

We give engraved requests our personal touch, we view them as bottle decorations, and a lasting memory, and as such we understand that with engraved messages there can’t be a one size fits all approach. Our skilled team of engravers personally read each message and then lay out your requested text in order to provide the utmost best optimal appearance and bottle decoration possible. The engravers will look to add emphasis to key phrases but also provide an overall balance to your message, we also offer a choice of colours that really good the appearance of the designs/text

Within this service we will look to bring out key messages of text as larger fonts or slightly adapting the structure of text so the flow of the message will provide a better final presentation. We may lay the text out over additional lines, remove unnecessary words or punctuation (‘To, Dad’ would simply become ‘Dad’), and rearrange text (‘Alice, Merry Christmas!’ would become ‘Merry Christmas Alice!’).

Will the text be centred?

Yes, we centre all text. We also look to provide a balanced feel to your total message, and aim to allign all messages to the center of the logos on the bottles

Can I have special characters engraved?

We can engrave anything, if our designs do not fit what you have envisioned we can tailer to custom requests to suit your needs.

What fonts do you use?

We can use any font possible, the options currently available we feel provide the best appearance when engraved, please contact us for custom fonts.

Can you engrave different languages?

Yes, certainly. If you can type the language into our text fields, we can engrave it.

Where will my engraving be on the bottle?

Each bottle is different and the location of each bottle will depend on available space around branded labels and other bottle embossment or styles. We may have to remove a label in order to provide the best possible area to engrave, in this case we will usually remove the label that contains the barcode. Photos and preview of the engraved text may not be the same as engravable area may be limited, we may have to engrave the text in the best place which will be of our choosing.


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